Foot Peels

What's in a foot mask, are they safe?

My client decided to pamper herself which is an excellent choice. She used a foot product on her feet.


Her Foot Health is in great condition!
Her feet are free of calluses, full of moisture and smooth.  She is a recurring client and receives a session once a month and uses Essential Shea Butter on a regular basis.

A few days after applying the product on her feet, they started peeling and itching!
She phoned me to let me know her experience and requested that I take a look at it during her next session.

During her session she showed me the packaging of what she used.  We determined she used a foot peel and the foot peel was doing exactly what is was supposed to, PEEL her feet. 
However, that is not what my client intended and didn’t like the peeling process.

She had mentioned that at one point she was experiencing itching after a few days of the peel.  She is in the medical industry and felt that she may have had an allergic reaction to the peel.

I wanted to help get her feet back to normal.

The Solution:
I used our Essential Scrub multiple times during her session to exfoliate and help remove the excess peeling, this helped speed up the peeling process.
We agreed for her to have another session in 2-3 weeks (sooner than usual) to assess her feet and remove any other peeling if needed.  Luckily during that 2-3 week time, most of the peeling was done due to the extra exfoliation I did at her prior session.

Did you Know:

Foot peels are a form of chemical exfoliation and usually takes 2-3 weeks to completely peel.
The Ingredients are usually:
-Hydroxy, Glycolic and or lactic acid.
-They remove dead skin, soften Calluses, smooth rough patches and dry skin.
-Foot peels are safe.
-I recommend that they are not used on a regular basis.
-Do not use them If you have sensitive skin, eczema ,or psoriasis.

Essential Scrubs are a natural form of exfoliation.
The ingredients are:
-Epson salt, Shea Butter, coconut oil and essential oils.
-They remove dead skin, hydrates, and soften Calluses.
-Essential scrubs are safe, no chemicals added.
-Can be used daily and on a regular basis.

Bottom Line:
If you would like the benefits of a foot peel without peeling and harsh chemicals, a light exfoliating scrub is the best option.
Hope this info was helpful!


Information provided by: Dixye Wilson 
Proofed and edited by: Joy Thompson

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